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There are plenty of cowboys in the world of pay per click (PPC) advertising. It’s a highly unregulated industry and unfortunately it seems that anyone with a laptop and an internet connection can offer PPC advertising advice. To avoid getting taken for a ride, make sure you use the professionals for your PPC management – talk to Web Marketing Experts.

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What is PPC Advertising?

PPC advertising is when you ‘purchase’ one of the listings on a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Google’s Adwords advertising is certainly the most popular of the three, due to their high level of use by people all around the globe. Each time someone clicks on your purchased listing, you are charged a fee. This fee depends on how competitive the market you’re targeting is – for industries with a lot of competitors, such as banking or insurance, the Adwords are rather expensive for each click. Just like any advertising, you want to make sure that the profits you gain are worth the cost of investment.

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Experienced Staff

The staff in our pay per click management team are all very experienced in Google Adwords and PPC advertising on Bing and Yahoo. Led by David Barella, who spent five years at Google, they consistently get results for their clients, increasing visits to their websites and turning leads into sales.

A large amount of their success is due to our policy of assigned each Adwords client an experienced account manager. This account manager really gets to know you, your business, and your website, so they can recommend the best keywords to target with your Adwords campaign. These keywords are chosen because they will deliver customers who are already planning on spending money, rather than people who are just browsing the internet. Our staff are experts at selecting keywords that produce a good return on investment.

Set Monthly Fee

At Web Marketing Experts we offer a set monthly fee to manage your PPC and Google Adwords advertising. Unlike many other PPC companies, we don’t take a percentage of your PPC spend, so we’ve got no interest in selling you Adwords you don’t need. Instead we conduct research to decide on the most effective Adwords for you company and target these. You can be sure that you’re getting value for money with each Adword, with a high return on each one.

With our set monthly fee, there won’t be any surprise bills at the end of the month. Without careful management, PPC spending can grow exponentially, without providing your company with any profit. With an account manager looking after your account, you’ll only ever spend as much as you need.

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