Grow your revenue with an expert SEO reviews

Are you concerned with your website’s lack of traffic? Do you have a great website, but no one’s coming to visit? Sounds like you need an SEO review from the Web Marketing Experts(WME).

We understand that your website is a vital tool in your business. Even if you’re not selling directly from your website, it’s is still your main source of leads, with people using search engines such as Google to find your products or services and get in touch with your company. Successful companies in these modern times get the majority of their leads from organic listings on Google. If you’re not on that first page, how are you going to be successful?

You need a site that ranks consistently well for your target keywords, phrases that real customers are using when they wish to make a purchase.

Who will benefit from an SEO review?

Any company could benefit from having their website reviewed to check its SEO performance. If you already have an SEO company or are conducting your own SEO efforts in-house, it’s worth getting a second opinion on your current standing, especially as your current SEO provider may not be completely up-to-date with the Google algorithm changes or the latest, most effective tactics.

Even if you’re currently ranking well for certain keywords, an SEO audit can assess these keywords to see if they’re really the best ones for your business and its development goals.

Get a professional SEO audit carried out on your website

Our SEO experts can audit your website and provide detailed feedback on areas that need to be improved and which aspects of your website are already optimised to deliver great search engine results. As a local SEO company, our technicians can provide you with information that is relevant to your market and target location(s).

Our SEO reviews will examine many elements of your website, including (but not limited to):

  • Canonicals, sitemap and robots.txt to ensure Google can quickly and easily crawl your site
  • Permalinks and backlinks are set up and working, to build authority
  • Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics for accurate reporting
  • On-page elements are optimised, including the keyword density in the content

The detailed report that follows your review will outline how we would improve your website’s ranking and recommendations for the best keywords to target to increase your business.

What happens next?

Should you be interesting in following the recommendations contained in our report – and we’re confident you will be! – we’ll welcome you aboard at Web Marketing Experts. You’ll be assigned your own account manager who will look after your website, communicating with you to get the ideal keywords to drive traffic to your website and increase the revenue you earn from it.

All of the recommendations contained in our report, from canonicals and robots.txt to content writing and link building, can be carried out right here in our Melbourne office. We have all the talent and knowledge in-house that is needed to optimise your site fully and have it ranking within a few short months. All work will be monitored by your account manager, who will provide you with a contact point, keeping you up-to-date with your progress via regular reports and answering any and all questions you may have.

Reviews of existing clients’ websites

Even if you’re an existing client, you can ask for a review of your website at any time, to ensure that everything’s in top-top shape. We are constantly reviewing our clients’ websites and SEO campaigns to ensure they are using the very latest in tactics and techniques. To keep up with the mercurial nature of SEO and the ever-changing Google algorithm, we are always updating our strategies to keep our clients ahead of their competition and ranking strongly.

To have an SEO review conducted on your website, get in touch with us via the form below. One of our expert SEO consultants will be in touch with you to ascertain the information we need and get your audit underway as soon as possible. It’s a painless experience that can be carried out quickly, so you can have results when you need them, to help you make better business decisions and grow your revenue source.

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