Penguin 3.0

The launch of Google’s Penguin 3.0 update has been announced. WME has remained aware of this algorithm shift and proactively adjusted strategy to ensure that we continue providing a responsible, reliable SEO service to our valued clients.

What is Google Penguin?

Each Google algorithm is implemented to ensure that only quality websites rank in search results. Google Penguin was initially launched in 2012. This specific algorithm was designed to ensure that sites with unnatural, poor quality back links are penalised.

How will this algorithm shift affect my site?

Penguin 3.0 affects pages that include irrelevant links, or are linked to by non-credible sources, impacting their rank in search results. Google only wish to display links that add value to a page rather than those solely placed within a site with the intention to improve rankings. This shift will therefore only allow pages with quality links to gain authority and high visibility in search results.

How will WME be ensuring our clients are protected?

WME has been anticipating this update for a long while. As with any algorithm shift, fluctuations are always expected. We are completing comprehensive link audits across all client sites. This has allowed us to analyse the authenticity of existing links and respond accordingly. We will also ensure there is very limited ‘exact match’ anchor text placed on your site. As Google continues to reward businesses that have organically built up authority, we will also verify the legitimacy of sites that are linking to your pages. WME employ a research team who are constantly updating processes to ensure our clients are not harshly affected by updates. We have welcomed this change and move forward with confidence.

What can I do to ensure my site and business are not affected?

If you are worried that your site’s traffic may be affected by Penguin 3.0, we encourage you to contact WME for a chat. As aforementioned, we have proactively planned and implemented strategies that will ensure our clients are not heavily affected by this update, as well as protecting them from impending updates. A drop in search results will be detrimental to your site traffic. If you’ve already noticed a dive in traffic, we can help you recover. It’s never too late to get on top. Please contact us today for a free, comprehensive discussion. We look forward to working together to ensure your business is not affected by these changes.

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