Get Ahead With A National SEO Campaign

With the power of the internet, companies are no longer limited to their local markets. You can expand your market to include the whole of Australia, greatly increasing your sales and eventually your profits. National SEO is ideal for any organisation serving the entire country, as well as those looking to expand their reach.

National SEO strategy

A national campaign is aimed at reaching users who fit your target consumer profile, no matter where they are in Australia.

Your campaign strategy may take into account locations and locally specific key phrases that you may not have previously thought about. For example, in some industries, the technical term for a product or service varies from state to state. Depending on your goals and budget, your account manager may determine that it’s best to target states and territories, or the capital cities, or a combination of regions from across the country.

By taking a broad-brush approach at the outset of your campaign, you can gather valuable information and analytics data about where your clients/customers are really coming from, and what their search habits are like. You can use this to help structure individual local campaigns, as well as refining your national campaign at critical points. For example, when we audit your campaign after the first year, we can make recommendations regarding which key phrases to focus on and which to change.

Technical differences with national campaigns

From a technical point of view, a national campaign is very similar to a local or global campaign. The technical team need to consider a wide variety of different elements which can be optimised, from the site architecture right down to the source of the links coming in to the site. The main technical differences lie in the key phrases that are targeted, and the way that the site is configured to provide a rich and relevant experience to each user, no matter where they are in Australia.

Because national campaigns cover such a massive geographical area, an account manager and technical expert/s may determine that it’s best to break down that area into states and territories, cities, or regions. If this is the case, we may create ‘landing pages’ for each of those sub-areas. Each of these pages will have its own unique tags and titles, as well as helpful and informative content which gives the user specific information about the nature of the product or service relative to the area. For example, if you serve the entire country but only offer restricted services to some cities, the landing pages for those cities would look quite different from the others.

Why do you need targeted national SEO?

For nationwide attention, you need to be at the top of Google’s search results. Each day, Australians conduct millions of searches for the products and services they need – and very few of them ever make it to page two.

A number of academic studies and industry surveys have been conducted, aimed at getting to the bottom of this phenomenon. The general consensus is that users subconsciously assign more authority and value to sites which appear higher up the search engine results pages (SERPs). It isn’t yet known why this happens. Some people theorise that it’s because people have been conditioned to trust Google and other search engines to provide a quality search service, and some people believe it’s more instinctive and visual – i.e. that a person simply pays more attention to the first thing they see, and that their eyes are drawn around the page in a particular natural order. Either way, the importance of appearing at the top of SERPs – no matter where the user is located – cannot be underestimated.

Our guarantee

To get customers to your website, you want to be on page one – and Web Marketing Experts will put you there within 90 days, guaranteed.

Our guarantee is backed by our experience in online marketing and our tried and true methods of search engine optimisation (SEO). All our SEO campaigns are based on in-depth research into our clients’ target markets and competition to assess which keywords will bring the most customers.

As part of a comprehensive SEO campaign, we will review and improve:

  • Site architecture
  • XML site map
  • Meta tags
  • Canonicalisation
  • Navigation
  • Robots.txt
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

We’re always happy to discuss your unique goals, and what you need from a national SEO campaign. After all, no two businesses are the same. To get a free quote that’s customised to your requirements, call us now on 1300 663 995.

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