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At Web Marketing Experts, we are eager to hear feedback from our clients, so we can know just what it is they appreciate about our services – and what they’re like to see more of! We’re always looking to raise the bar, offering our clients better results and better service.


If you think we’re doing something really well, we’d love to hear it! We’re proud of the services that we do and the staff we have in our offices. We especially like rewarding those staff who do well, so if you’ve had great service from one of our team members or experienced some outstanding results, please let us know. If you’d like to tell your business associates and friends about how good we are, you’ll find it very rewarding! If you refer us to a business and they sign up for a full SEO campaign, we’ll give you a $500 credit on your account. It’s that easy – just make sure the business lets us know that it was you that recommended us and we’ll ensure the amount is credited to your account.


At Web Marketing Experts, we find negative feedback is a rarity, but not completely unknown. Like all companies made up of many employees with many processes, there is always a chance for human error to occur. If you are unhappy with any aspect of Web Marketing Experts, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can rectify the problem. The sooner a problem is addressed, the easier it is to fix, so please don’t delay in letting us know any problems. The process for raising an issue and having it addressed is simple. For small problems with your campaign, talk to your account manager; they know your business and its SEO campaign best, and can offer the best solution to minor hiccups. For larger problems, there are a variety of paths you may choose. You can talk to your account manager’s 2IC or the operations manager – we have an open office policy and everyone in the company is more than happy to talk to you to resolve any issues you may have. Alternatively, you can lodge a complaint through this page – simply fill in the form below, providing us with as many details as possible to help us in our investigations. All complaints are handled in a sensitive manner and treated with the utmost in discretion. Any and all aspects of our communications with our clients are completely confidential. Once a complaint has been made to a senior team member or lodged via this website, we spring into action to address it, resolving your problem as quickly as humanly possible by following the stages below. Stage 1: A senior team member sits down with your account manager and the Technical Director, to carry out a full review of your website and how it has performed within the parameters of your campaign. Stage 2: The second part of the review is to conduct a review with your original SEO consultant. This will confirm what was agreed upon in the original contact and contract, establishing where any miscommunications or inaccurate expectations have occurred. Stage 3: In this stage, we address the issues discovered in the previous two stages. Experts from the relevant department will be called in to fix any issues with the websites, while any issues with customer relations will be looked after by our HR department. At the end of this thorough process, we find we’ve reached a solution with any client who had concerns. By being diligent in addressing problems and really listening to our clients, we reach solutions that both parties are happy with.

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