Improve Your Leads With Local SEO

If your business relies on local customers, you need a specialised search engine optimisation campaign to draw them to your website.

What is local SEO?

From a technical point of view, a local SEO campaign is not dramatically different to a campaign on a national or global scale. The same onsite and offsite issues need to be addressed, from the basic site architecture down to the content on each page. There may be some differences; for example, a local campaign is less likely to involve building and optimising a large number of pages for different locations or service areas.

The difference lies in the keywords and phrases that the campaign focuses on. As a general rule, local campaigns will focus on key phrases that include the name of the local area, whether it’s a suburb, group of suburbs or a wider regional area in the case of rural businesses. The aim is to capture people who are searching for the product/service you offer, from within your area. This way, the resources put in to your campaign are more focused on the target market you actually serve, rather than scattered across the country.

Why is local SEO important?

One in five searches via Google aim to find a product or service using a location keyword. An SEO campaign from Web Marketing Experts will ensure your website appears at the top of the results. For example, if you’re a hairdresser in Richmond, we will get your webpage at the top of the results for ‘hairdresser Richmond’ searches. Optimising your site for local searches not only means your website will get more visitors, but also ensures these visitors are genuine customers, increasing your site’s conversion rate.

Google Maps Optimisation

Google Maps is an increasingly important part of ensuring that a business gets found through major search engines. Optimising your Maps listing is a relatively simple and straightforward process, once we have the right details from you. We’ll submit your listing, which will then need to be verified using a passcode that is sent to your nominated business address in the form of a postcard.

Because of the way that sites are displayed on the search engine results pages (especially when a location is mentioned in the search term), having a well-optimised Maps listing can ensure you dominate those location listings that appear after the first three results. As an added bonus, this will also make your business easier to locate; after all, convenience is a major factor when selecting a locally based business, and if your potential client/customer knows exactly where you are, you’re one step closer to gaining their business.

Optimising Your Website

As part of your SEO campaign, we will:

  • Optimise the meta tags
    The meta tags (particularly the meta description) are a special part of the code on your site which provides a hint to search engine bots as to what each page is all about. It does not affect the way your page displays – it’s just there to help the search engines begin to categorise and analyse your site effectively. The meta tags must tie in logically with the titles and page content.
  • Improve the XML site map
    The XML site map is the search engines’ ‘quick guide’ to the layout and organisation of your website. Again, it does not affect the way your site looks, but it does help guide the way that a search engine begins to crawl your site.
  • Edit the site’s architecture
    Site architecture is the layout of the site, from the home pages right through to the deepest inner pages. You can think of it like a family tree diagram, with the home page at the roots. Indeed, if you built your site from scratch recently you probably drew up a plan which represents the site architecture. If there are problems with the site architecture – especially if it is too complicated or if it goes too deep, we will fix this. Fixing site architecture often leads to a better user experience too, which can have a positive effect on conversions.
  • Further develop the ease-of-use
    ‘Ease-of-use’ is an aspect of user experience. When we look at optimising the ease of use, we look at how easy it is for the user to find the information or products they need on your site. We also look at how your site meets current search engine standards for clear and easy layout.
  • Correct any issues in the robots.txt
    The robots.txt is a very simple text file that you can add to guide search engines away from parts of your site that you do not want to be indexed for strategic reasons. We can help ensure that this file is well designed and effective.
  • Set up Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics
    Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics provide rich insight into the activity on and around your website, from the search terms that people are entering to find your site, to how much time they’re spending on each page. It’s important to have these set up accurately so you can make the most of the information they can provide. We’ll ensure your analytics are configured correctly for reporting purposes as well.

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