Google Shopping

Google Shopping is an exciting new advertising option for online retail businesses. It not only allows you to promote your products online, but also makes it easier to connect with your customers in a more effective manner.

What is Google Shopping?

Another way of promoting your business online, Google Shopping allows you to make the most of a high search engine results page (SERP) ranking. When a standard search is carried out, your products appear next to your business’s search result listing, providing potential customers with a visual preview of your products before they even set foot on your site.

You can also add your products to Google’s specific Shopping search function, ensuring your goods appear in the search results when potential customers are actively searching for particular products online. Google’s product ads provide space for an image, as well as your business name, the product title, price and also a promotional message – key information that potential customers can then absorb in a glance.

Why WME?

At Web Marketing Experts, we are equipped with an experienced, highly skilled Digital Performance Media team who understand this form of online advertising inside and out. We can deliver a retail-centric, results-driven campaign that provides our clients with a high ROI. We gather data based on product attribute and individual products, as this allows us to monitor your campaign closely and provide you with up to date, accurate reporting.

For more information regarding Google Shopping, contact WME’s Digital Performance Media team today.