What the Evolution of Google Search Means For Your Business

On Tuesday the Head of Google Search, Amit Singhal, shared that Google has made almost 900 changes to Google Search in the last year. Is your business ready for the future of search?  (More info: Algorithm Updates) Amit reminisced about the past 10 years with his top Google Search milestones. Below are some of the items from his list and what it may mean for your business from an SEO view.

Autocomplete: We built a way for Google to predict the most likely useful words and phrases as you type.

What it means: As you grow your brand, consider how to tie that brand into autocomplete searches. The number 1 autocomplete result for “pizza” is “pizza hut” then “pizza hut coupons” and “pizza hut online.” It is not “pizza melbourne” so be aware that for your business, the more you’re searched, the more you will be searched. Brand awareness is integral to your success. Google autocomplete search results

Directions and traffic

Type “how far is it to KFC” into Google and you’ll see a map, directions and if you’re on your phone, a button to start the route. How can this impact your business? If you don’t have a Google map listing (Google My Business) setup properly, are you missing out on customers who simply can’t find you? Try “how do I get to Web Marketing Experts”: Google local directions

Universal search: Sometimes the best answer isn’t just text—if you’re asking about JFK’s “Moon Speech,” you probably want to watch John F. Kennedy deliver his famous speech.

Universal search is a staple of everything-Google these days. Want to hear a song from your favourite singer or band? Check out this blended search result for Australian singer Taylor Henderson: google music and songs results This type of search result isn’t only available for platinum selling superstars. Yes, it works for Madonna, Eminem, Hilltop Hoods and even Taylor Swift but new and rising stars. These blended results aren’t only available for musicians, either. A quick search for “flights to gold coast from melbourne” shows us 12+ flights per day, 2h 0m duration and gives times, Airlines and days of the week for those flights. Google search for flights

 Mobile and new screens

Is your site optimised for mobile search? Is it easy to order from you? Do your images resize properly or does your social media sidebar cover everything on your page making it completely unreadable? Having a mobile “version” of your site is no longer enough. Google has described their mobile search changes here.  They are mainly concerned with the smartphone user experience so be aware that your site doesn’t need to just “work” on mobile; your site should be as amazing on mobile as it is on a desktop. Want to know more about Google mobile? Start with their tips for making websites mobile-friendly. These are just some of the big changes that may affect your business and its search optimisation. For more help optimising your business, enter your website below for a free SEO quote.