Google Remarketing:
Reach Interested Customers

When people are repeatedly exposed to an advertisement, it becomes easier for them to recall the message being conveyed.

Online advertising is no exception, as repeat exposure builds brand awareness – for this reason, remarketing strategies are becoming increasingly popular.

How does remarketing work?

By identifying those who have visited your site recently, remarketing works by then showing these people your ads as they view other sites that are part of the Google Display Network.

For example, if an internet user visits your online supplements store, they might browse your site, place a product or two in the shopping cart, and then decide that they can’t really afford it at present. By employing a remarketing strategy, ads for your products (in particular the products they were looking to buy) can then be placed on other sites they are browsing, encouraging them to return to your site, reconsider, and make a purchase.

Remarketing is a very efficient way of making sure that your message reaches the right people.

The benefits

Remarketing allows you to stay in touch with those who have shown an interest in your products or services in the past. By repeatedly targeting this particular audience, you’ll be fresh in their mind when they decide to follow through with their enquiries and make a purchase. In addition, this particular marketing strategy provides you with the opportunity to upsell and cross sell related products to clients who have shown an interest in, or bought, similar products in the past.

A very effective marketing strategy, remarketing allows you to reach potential customers multiple times in a month, a week or even a day. In addition, it also works extremely well with other online marketing strategies, such as Google Shopping, allowing to achieve the best possible results.

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