Google Analytics: Benchmarking Reports

Have you ever wanted to know how your website performs against your competitors?

Google last week announced new benchmarking reports that will help compare your website against others in the industry. You can select between 1600 industry categories, 1250 locations and 7 bucket sizes of daily sessions. Selecting the correct options will make sure your website is measured against your true competitors. This data will allow you to see the strongest and weakest points of a website and help you set realistic goals. You will be able to target specific weak points and not overly exert your energy or budget on trying to improve metrics you are already ahead for. Google’s new benchmarking reports show metrics such as sessions, new users, pages per session, average session duration and bounce rate – by channel, location and device. To get started ensure the “Share anonymously with Google and others” check box is selected under Admin > Account > Account Settings.

Benchmark Sharing Data

  Google will be rolling out this feature to all Analytics users who have chosen to share their data anonymously in coming weeks, so don’t worry if the option isn’t available to you yet. Benchmark reports can be selected under Audience > Benchmarking. Benchmarking Report   After selecting a dimension (channel, location or device) you will have the option at the top of the screen to edit the industrial vertical, country / region & size by daily sessions. Based upon these selections you will see the number of web properties that are contributing to the benchmark. (click to enlarge)

Benchmark Options

  The channel tab will display your “default channel grouping” against a number of metrics. As standard (if you have not edited your default channel groups) you will see organic search, direct, referral, social, other, display, email and paid search. (click to enlarge)

Benchmark Default Channel Grouping

  The location tab will show the country, region or territory alongside the standard metrics. (click to enlarge)

Benchmark Location

  The device tab will display the device category dimension (mobile, tablet and desktop) against the default metrics. (click to enlarge)

Benchmark Device Category

  This information can show you how your competitors are travelling in the online space and more importantly – what they are doing better than you! You can then adjust your priorities and goals accordingly. Please get in touch with Web Marketing Experts if you would like more information about Google Analytics benchmarking reports.