Feedback Policy and Procedures

At Web Marketing Experts, we are committed to providing services of the highest quality. We take any complaints about our work very seriously and address each one in a thorough manner, to that ensure our customers are happy and our processes are the best that they can be. By accepting that our strategies can always improve, no matter how good they already are, we can maintain our industry edge. We’re constantly researching different tactics and developing new ways of optimising websites, adapting to the changes in the Google algorithm. With SEO’s delicate balance of art and science, a successful SEO strategy is built up of many different variables that need to be carefully. We concentrate on building SEO strategies that will stand the test of time, providing results long into the future, not just a quick, transient burst of rankings. We ensure our SEO campaigns will continue delivering results, so our customers can build accurate plans for building and growing their businesses. However, even with careful research and development, SEO can be so mercurial that even the best laid plans encounter the odd hiccup. Should such an instant occur, we always do our very best to rectify any drop in rankings.

FAQs About Service and Results

My rankings change from day-to-day – I never know what to expect. Rankings will naturally fluctuate a little, as Google is constantly reviewing your and your competitors’ websites, and evaluating the material they are provided with. This is particularly true at the start of your SEO campaign – usually the first three months – when Google needs to process all the new information on the back and front ends of your website. Despite these fluctuations, you can expect that over the longer period, your site will rise in the rankings. My rankings have gone up, but I’m not getting more sales from my website. If you’re seeing your rankings and visitor numbers rise, but aren’t seeing a corresponding increase in sales, talk to your account manager about website conversion. We have specialists who can help you improve the conversion rate of your website and get even more from your SEO campaign. My rankings aren’t improving fast enough. SEO is a long term strategy. It takes many months to build up a solid SEO campaign that will stand up to the challenges of algorithm updates and competitors’ SEO efforts. You should start to see movement up the rankings after two months, with steady increases in months three through six. All my keywords seem the same. Sometimes it can seem that all your keywords are just slight variations on one key phrase. This is a tactic called ‘clustering’. By targeting not just one keyword, but a ‘cluster’ of related words, we’re building up the impact of the original keyword. A cluster shows Google your website is well-rounded and relevant to the keywords you’re looking to rank for. My account manager was in contact a lot in the first few months and now I never hear from them. In the first few months of an SEO campaign, we are in frequent contact with our clients as there is a lot to be discussed and decided upon, as well as getting the correct logins for your C-panel, Google Analytics, and Webmaster tools. Once all this is set up, you’ll find we need less information from you. This in no way, however, indicates that we no longer care about your account or are not working on it – quite the opposite! Your account manager is still monitoring its progress and making minor adjustments to ensure it’s working at its best. Link building and other technical work is also all going on ‘behind the scenes’ so to speak. If you would like more contact from your account manager, let them know – in all likelihood, they just didn’t want to interrupt you anymore while you were working.

What to do if you’re dissatisfied with your Web Marketing Experts experience

Tell us! If you have any problems at all, we want to know about it. We’re not happy unless you’re happy. Whichever category your issue falls into, be it customer service or search engine results, we will take steps to address your concerns. All complaints and client details are completely confidential. We respect our clients’ privacy.

What we will do with your feedback

When processing a client’s feedback, we promise to do the following:
  • Take your complaint seriously – we never dismiss a complaint as unimportant or small, taking the time to consider each and every one, and offer a means of reconciliation.
  • Should the dissatisfaction concern onsite work, rankings, or other technical issues, we will conduct a full onsite review, to wholly assess where any issues lie and how they can be rectified.
  • Ensure your feedback is built into our company policies and work procedures to ensure that we provide even better service to yourself and our other clients in the future.

Get in touch today

If you have any concerns about the services Web Marketing Experts offers, please raise them immediately. The sooner your raise an issue, the sooner we can address it, before it becomes a larger one. The complaints process proceeds as follows: Step One: We speak to your account manager, who has the most in-depth knowledge of your website, and, with the assistance of our Technical Director, conduct a full review of your site and all the work done on it. Step Two: We speak to the original SEO consultant who organised your campaign and ensure there has been no mismatch in expectations, deliverables, or other matters. Step Three: In the previous two steps we identified your concerns and their origins. Now we set about resolving them, working with the relevant expert or department to amend any technical errors or customer service issues. If you would like to lodge a complaint, please use the form below. To ensure we can respond to your concerns in full, please provide us with as much information as possible. In the case of customer service feedback, please try and note down the times and to whom you spoke or communicated with, to make it easier for us to identify the staff member(s) who you were in contact with. For feedback on technical difficulties or ranking issues, please ensure you’re viewing the latest reports – we want to be on the same page when we’re talking to you!

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