Call Tracking

Survey Finds 54 Percent Of Search Marketers Don’t Track Phone Conversions From Search Campaigns. But WME Does!

WME use a number of methods to track call conversions including, Google Call Extensions, Google Call Tracking and 3rd Party Call Tracking. Google Call Extensions Google Call TrackingThis functionality enables WME to track clicks to a call button placed within your AdWords Ad. Why use WME to set-up Google Call Extensions for you? Because studies by Google have shown to increase CTR on mobile ad campaigns by 6-8%!! Google Call Tracking This is a feature that tracks the calls made from Google Call Extensions and shows you which keywords were searched on and the time the call occurred. WME can add this tracking to your website in place of your business telephone number, and when a user visits the website from your Google Ads the number is dynamically changed to a free 1800 number provided by Google. This type of tracking returns the same results as mentioned above. 3rd Party Call Tracking This is where a small piece of code is placed on your website that dynamically changes the telephone number displayed, based on the users visitor path. For example WME can enable your website to display a different number for organic users vs Google AdWords users. The major benefit to this type of call tracking, is the detailed reporting and ability to track users from different marketing channels. By implementing this on your website WME can help tell you the number and location that a user has called from along with the path they took to call you. Call Tracking Table Google have found that 70% of mobile searchers have called a business directly from search results, so track who calls you and how they found your number now! To implement these 3 elements of call tracking and  feel the benefits of a more effective and efficient Adwords campaign, call WME now on 03 8613 8491 Stats source: Google: Inside Adwords