We often hear people say “Oh, I don’t want to ruin my website with SEO! That sort of content sounds horrible!”.

SEO doesn’t ruin websites … however, poorly conceived attempts at creating optimised copy can quite easily do so! Ever encountered a website like this?

SEO for moustache trimmers

If you’re looking for moustache trimmers and beard clippers, you’ve come to the right place. Our website is the best place to buy moustache trimmers and beard clippers. You won’t find better moustache trimmers and beard clippers or cheaper moustache trimmers and beard clippers anywhere else. We invite you to check out our great selection of moustache trimmers and beard clippers.

It’s enough to turn you off moustache trimmers and beard clippers for life! Fortunately, SEO copy doesn’t have to be like that, as long as you follow some basic guidelines.

Vary your keywords

Your SEO company will ask you to think of some keywords which describe your business, and will also use their own methods to determine keywords relevant to you. Think outside the box a little when your keyword list is being built.

Use long tail keywords

Whereas ‘bicycle’ is a short tail keyword, ‘Shimano bike gear’, ‘bicycle repair kits’, ‘kids bike helmets’, etc, are all long tail keywords. Utilising these long tail keywords can help your traffic numbers and conversion statistics as well as making your copywriting sound more natural and relevant.

Use different word forms, acronyms and variations

Google is no longer as specific or prescriptive as it used to be in deciding which pages are relevant to a particular search term.

For example, when you search for ‘search engine optimization’ using the American spelling, you’ll also get Australian results spelt with an ‘s’.

Don’t feel that you have to structure each keyworded sentence a particular way in order to preserve the keyword exactly as it appears in your list – Google’s much freer nowadays!

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